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How To Get A Girl

Getting a girl to fall for you can be quite daunting. The secret of getting that girl fall for you lies in tao of badass and understanding that girls are quite different from guys. The way girls see things is quite different from guys. Probably, you have been showing the wrong signals.  To get the girl think like a girl. Put yourself in the shoe of a girl and approach the situation from that point of view.

Understanding that a guy’s personality matters a lot to girls before any other quality helps get your acts up. No girl wants to be seen with a sloppy, slouchy, looking guy. You did do you self a world of good by building your confidence and exuding confidence. Forget all the talk about guy with lost puppy dog look. Girls want a guy whose presence/personality cuts across the room as soon as he enters.

Tips on how to get a girlfriend

To get the girl put up a smiling face: avoid wearing a perpetual frown / scowl and try to smell good. Use a light smelling cologne avoid the heavy type it might have the opposite effect .You don’t have to douse /drown your self in it, it can easily be a turn off just as a bad body odor would.

Break the ice: establish communication a simple’ hi ‘could open a world of possibilities. Be subtle in your approach. Don’t smoother her with your presence it can turn into a source of irritation instead of attraction.

Try to build trust:  show her that your can be trusted. Girls tend to score a 10 for a guy who can be trusted not to disappear at the first trace of trouble.

Flirt/play with her as you gradually gain her trust. It cast a feeling of romance and gets her to think of you in that regard. Gradually introduce a little touch into the relationship. A brief touch of hands, play with her hair, lightly brush her cheek are capable of making the girl fall for you.

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